Travel : places you have to visit before you die – don’t wait any longer

Make your wish come true by traveling 

Well, as a dreamer, I have always wanted to visit places all around the world and I was struggling to figure out how. I told myself that I was not rich enough, that I did not have enough time. I was finding excuses, actually. Because I am a dreamer, I should not think this way. So first I decided to visit the United States by becoming an au pair. This is for sure a great experience I will recommend to anybody. But is it enough? I want to discover the entire world. I thought that it was not made for me. And then, I contacted a friend who is traveling a lot. And he told me his secret: the way he went to 10 countries in 10 months. This day changed my life forever. Now I know that I am not more a dreamer, but my life is a dream.


I decided to share with you my bucket list, and if you are really interested, as you all are my sisters, I will share my secret with you.

  Travel bucket list for the 6 next months 


1. Brazil - Rio

I wish I had the chance to visit this fabulous country. A lot of my friends in America are actually from Brazil. They are really warm and sweat; they made me discover their delicious food and some of their traditions. There are so many cities in Brazil that I can’t really choose which one I want to visit: maybe all of them. For sure, Rio, to visit the well-known Copacabana beach and try some local restaurants and have fun at the beach. I would love to see Christ the Redeemer and the beautiful landscape from the summit of Corcovado. I would go to the Sugar Loaf Mountain to have another panoramic view of Rio, discover Tijuca National park and its rainforest and maybe I will have a chance to see some monkeys over there.

2. Australia – Sydney

I will organize a trip to Australia for sure. Perth? Adelaide? Cairns? Melbourne? Sydney? Well let’s start by Sydney but I am not totally sure about which will be the best solution when you just wanna see everything. I will first go to the Sydney Opera house to see a venue, as I have seen this opera so many times in my dream. I will try to go to Manly and Bondi beaches because both sound really amazing. For sure I would love to see Kangaroos and Koalas because we don’t have those wild species in Europe. As I love the ocean, I would like to see the Great Barrier Reef. Oh and I forgot the Royal National Park that look really amazing.

3. Mexico


Well I could not decide between Cancun and Tulum. I will go to Cancun for the party, student life, and entertainment. The day I will be tired of this crazy life over there, I will visit Chichén Itzá, the great Mayan archaeological site. Or maybe I will head to Isla Mujeres and see some turtles swimming there. And for sure I’ll spend some times at the Playa Delfines. Then in Tulum, I will head to playa Paraiso that sound just relaxing and awesome. I may swim in the ocean and head to the underground cavern called El Gran Cenote. And there is so much archaeological sites that I may not have time to visit everything.


As Wesley said in the movie Wanted “This is me taking back control of my life. What the fuck have you done lately?“.

Take control of your life now and join me in this traveling life. Pm me for information.


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