Snack : what does your kid want to eat ?


It’s time for a snack

It is almost 4 pm, you are at home and your kids are asking you for a snack. When you ask them what they want, they don’t know, like everyday. And you have to find out by yourself, for sure. So if you are struggling to find what they want to eat, you can pick one of those ideas to help you. Here is the top five of kid’s favorite food:

       PB&J – Peanut butter and Jelly

The well-known PBJ. I am pretty sure almost all of you tried it at least once. At first, it seems kind of weird because I would never mix salted and sugary food. But after few try, I think I became a real American girl and I love it as much as my kids do. So this is simple: you take two pieces of bread (what American call “bread” actually… it breaks my French heart). And then on one, put some jelly or jam (cherry or strawberry, grapes…) and on the other slice, put some peanut butter. And you are done!

Did you know that a substitute could be peanut butter and marshmallow fluff? This is called Fluffernutter!


       Grilled cheese or quesadillas 

Still with cheese, you can make some grilled cheese or quesadillas. So grilled cheese is basically toasted bread with cheese. So you take two pieces of bread, put some cheese on the middle and put it in the oven! After few minutes, it is done. Or you can choose the quesadillas and instead of having two pieces of bread, you take two tortillas. Kids love that. And the great thing is that you can put vegetables in it, and they will never see it.


Well if you live in America, you should eat or see a lot of bagels in the supermarket. We use to eat it toasted with some vegetables, or with some cheese. As a European girl, I use it as bread. Well, you should try a variant and its called “Bagel Pizza”.

As easy as it sounds. Just take a bagel, open it in two parts and spread some tomato sauce on it. Then put some cheese and whatever you want on it. Just like a pizza. Put it in the oven until the cheese melt down. And then you are good! Your kid will be really happy



It is not really healthy but it is so good on summer time! I admit that is one of my favorite (for myself actually…). That’s a summer special treat, so take two Graham crackers, add a piece of chocolate and melted marshmallow (you can just make it melt a little bit with a lighter) and then put it together like a sandwich and its done! Enjoy!



Smoothies because it is not really easy to make your kids eat vegetables and fruits. My host mom use to put some baby spinach in her famous banana and Nutella smoothies. So the kids can’t see or smell that they are actually eating some vegetables. It is the easy way to make your little ones eat some healthy food, especially in summer. So enjoy and find multiples recipes, for your kid or even for yourself!


      What about… Crepes?

Have you ever heard of crepes? This is a special French treat! This is like a thin pancake but French people would not say that because the truth is that’s way better than pancakes! So basically, a crepe is neutral so you can add some Nutella, or jelly or even cheese and ham. They can choose what they want and that’s why it is so good and so fun. Click here for a full recipe.


Now what is your kid’s favorite? Which one is your favorite? Do they prefer something else?

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