The famous Miami – by Juliana

Hello Miami!

My name is Juliana, I'm from Brazil and I live in West Palm Beach, FL as an au pair. West Palm is an amazing and beautiful place and I love living here BUT today I came to tell you about my first trip in the USA (I arrived a month ago): the magic Miami city!

So, one week ago my other two friends (they are au pairs too) and I went to Miami to spend the weekend. One of these friends is my BFF and she came to WPB to make me a surprise (I met her in Brazil because of the au pair program and she came to the USA few months before I did, so I was like 7 months without seeing her), so it was more than amazing.

What I said before, I currently live in WPB that is a city not so far away from Miami. You can go there by car (it's like 1h30min) or by train (2 hours). Giulliana (my bff living in Atlanta) and I decided to go by train because it's cheaper (5$) and easier. We went on the train on Saturday at 12pm (because we were tired after Friday, but you can go early if you want) and we arrived at the Miami Station at 2pm.

Then we went to a hostel in South Beach to meet the other au pair (Lídia) and to leave our bags. There are a lot of hostels there if you're poor like us or just don't want to spend a lot of money. We stayed at Jazz South Beach hostel for the night and we spent like 20$ (we made the reservation online but the payment is at the check in time). It's a nice place, it's simple like most hostels and we stayed in a shared room, but had a bathroom inside so it was ok. They are supposed to have breakfast but it was only cereals WITHOUT milk, just cereals... But it was on Sunday so I'll tell you later. Let's start the TRIP!!


Saturday ♦

- Arrived at 2pm at the Miami Station;

- Went to the hostel to meet the other girl;

                After we have found Lídia we started our plans for Saturday: go to Wynwood and to the outlets. At first we went to Wynwood Walls, it's a nice place with a lot of graffiti walls. It's beautiful and you can take how many pictures you want lol. If you have an Iphone 7 Plus, like my friend, the photos will be wonderful hahaha. So, we spent some times taking pictures of the walls and walking by the neighborhood (there is also some pubs, but you have to be 21 or more to get in) and then we decided to go to the outlets.

However, the most popular (and I think bigger too) outlet call Sawgrass Mill is actually in Sunrise, a city near Miami. So, this outlet is like 40 minutes from the train station and you have to spend at least 30/35$ with an Uber to go there. As we didn't have time or money, we changed our plans and decided to go to the Dolphin Mall. There is a lot of stores and some outlet stores too, so it's a second option for you. Now, my first advice in that case is that if you will go by train as we did and you really wanna go to the Sawgrass: leave the train at Fort Laudardale Airport station because it's the closest one.

After we bought some clothes (to use at night in a club lol) we call an Uber to come back to the hostel to take a shower and get ready. Here is Lídia's advice: if you don't have a driver license yet DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! She did it and almost had to sleep in the street hahaha. It was really hard because the guy working at the hostel didn't want to let her reserve a bed, but thanks God at the end she got it.

Miami at night

The Club that we choose to go to is called Ora Nightclub and we decided to go there because we had a promoter's contact and he could take us inside for free. At the moment we left the Uber, three men came to us asking if we were going to Ora, we said yes and they said "come with us, we have table inside and drinks" but it was weird because the promoter was not with those guys. (Pause for another advice: after this happened, we discovered that the tickets for men at the Clubs in Miami are really expensive (like 100$ or more) and they have like a discount by each woman that come inside with them, that's why they were acting weird). So we found the promoter in front of the Club and we went in with other girls that we did not know, he had a table and free drinks for all of us (I think this is something that the Clubs does to promote). I need to say, if you like to go to the clubs to dance, drink and these kind of stuffs, you have to choose one in Miami because IT'S UNREAL. You feel like in a movie, I don't know how to explain.. The club was huge and REALLY fancy, so don't forget your high heels and make up hahaha. For girls is easy to get into the clubs and drink inside without spending money, but for guys it probably can be really hard because the drinks are really expensive. Oh, and before I forget, I think all clubs in Miami play electronic music (sometimes you'll listen some pop music too, but it's rare), so if you don't like this type of music you will probably not want to go, but you can go just to see how it is.

*The clubs in Miami are open until 4/5 am.

Sunday ♦

We fell asleep at 4/4:30 am and we woke up at 8:30 am, so you can imagine how tired we were lol. But this is something that happens when you travel, if you really want to know all the places and do a lot of stuff, you can't sleep that much haha. We woke up and try to have breakfast at the hostel but what I said, before they only had cereals, no water, no milk, just cereal (maybe coffee but I don't remember). So we decided to spend some money (it was like 18$ with taxes but there's some cheaper places) and have breakfast close to the beach, and you should do that too because there are a lot of restaurants that have breakfast in the morning, the food is good and you have a nice view of the beach. I don't remember the name of the restaurant that we chose and it doesn't matter because although the food is good, the service was very bad.. Just choose one that you like and go there.

And then Miami Beach

Breakfast finished, we went to the beautiful Miami Beach and I loved it! It's pretty amazing (and so hot.. by the way, whole Miami is HOT, so don't forget your sunscreen) and you can take pictures close to the famous lifeguard houses, there are so many and it's cute. We spent some times at the beach, walking on the sand with our feet in the water, oh I already miss it... After that we came back to the hostel to make the check out and get our bags. We did go to the beach walking there so you don't have to spend money with Uber/Lyft, you'll be ok.

My friend Giu and I went to the train station again to come back to West Palm Beach and I took up my host dad car to take her to the airport (and the last weekend was my turn to go visit her in Atlanta, maybe I can tell you about that other time).

That was my first trip in the USA and I LOVE Miami, I really wanna go there again, it's beautiful and hot and the people are nice. Oh, I almost forget.. there is A LOT of latino people in Miami, so it's common you call an Uber or Lyft and the driver doesn't speak English but only Spanish.. If you don't speak Spanish or don't have a friend (like Lidia) that means that maybe you should try to use the translator or just try some mimics hahaha. Good luck on your trip to Miami and have fuuun!

**Last advice (from Giulliana from Atlanta) : If you, like me, don't live close to Miami and need to get a flight to go there, you can try to find flights to Fort Lauderdale because there's cheaper tickets to this airport and it's 30 minutes away from Miami by train, so maybe it's a better option.


If you wanna follow me, my instagram is: @juliana_cmelo.

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