A weekend in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, the city of Angels… or celebrities 😉 I, Stephanie, have lived in Los Angeles for 9 months of my 1st Au Pair year. I was even so lucky to live right in the middle of West Hollywood, on Melrose Avenue with all the big fancy stores and the amazing wall art! Los Angeles is a city of many possibilities and you have everything “close” to you. If you wanna go skiing, you just drive 2 hours East and you will be in Big Bear! So stunning! Or if you wanna go to the beach, drive for 20-30 minutes and you’ll be in Santa Monica or Venice. If you wanna go to the desert, drive for about 2 hours and you’ll be in Palm Springs! I could go on and on, because there’s endless opportunities in the City of Angels.

I’m gonna give you an insight on what a 3 day weekend could look like in Los Angeles. I’m gonna present you options with car and options without, so you can get a picture of possibilities.

♦ Friday 

If you are flying to LA, you will be most likely to arrive at LAX, from there you can catch a bus, uber or if you have rented a car, take the shuttle to the rental shop. If you don’t have a car, I recommend Uber, which is cheap in LA especially, if you do the carpool option.

By Car:

  • LAX

(30 min. by car)

  • Venice Beach

(40 min walk/10 min on bike)

  • Santa Monica Pier

(25 min. by car)

  • Rodeo Drive

(15 min. by car)

  • Mulholland Drive

From the rental shop drive to Venice Beach and park there.

Go to the beach promenade and rent a bike, or choose to simply walk from there to Santa Monica Pier. The walk is about 40 minutes, and on bike, 10 minutes and it’s worth it with the beach view along your way. Spend some times on Santa Monica Pier, the beach, or even take the 5 minute walk up to 3rd St. Promenade and do some shopping or grab a bite at one of the many cafés. From there you have to bike back or walk back to Venice to grab your car.

Next up is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with all the FANCY shops, it’s worth a peek even though everything is waaay too expensive for an au pair salary 😉

From there take the scenic drive on Mulholland Drive. Swing through the hills and enjoy the amazing view over parts of LA or even some incredible (celebrity maybe?) houses.

Saturday ♦

  • Melrose Art Walk

(15 min. by car)

  • Runyon Canyon

(20 min. by car)

  • The Grove

(30  min. by car)

  • Griffith Observatory


On Saturday, these are all things that you can do whether you have a car or not. Start by walking along Melrose Ave. (from The Kardashians store “DASH” to American Vintage), and snap tons of photos at all the cool art walls, along with checking out shops.

Next is a hike, which is a big deal in LA. From Melrose take an Uber or drive to Runyon Canyon and hike up (the short hike). Take in the amazing views!

From there grab your car or get an Uber and drive to The Grove, which is an outdoor shopping mall, super pretty!

Last but not least, drive to the Griffith Observatory. Watch the views over LA and far out in the distance, or go inside the observatory ($10-15 pr. person) and do some star-gazing.

Sunday ♦

By Car:

  • Bridge to Nowhere

            (1 hour, 30 min. by car)

  • Korean Friendship Bell

            (2 min. by car or 8 min. walk)

  • Sunken City

            (20 min. by car)

  • Queen Mary


Start the day with another hike. I meant every word when I said that’s a big thing here in LA. This time the hike will lead you to the bridge to nowhere… does that sound epic or EPIC? It’s one of LA’s hidden gems, and totally worth it!

Next up is the Korean Friendship Bell, which is another one of LA’s hidden gems. This is just a cool spot with awesome picture opportunities!

From there you can do a 2 min. Drive or a 8 min. Walk to Sunken City, another hidden gem, which is a spot full of a bunch of graffiti but in a cool way, if you ask me.

Lastly you can do a 20 min drive from Sunken City to The Queen Mary, which is a really cool place! It’s like being on the Titanic (I would assume)! You should be able to get in there through the hotel and see a little insight and go on the deck and so on for free, but you can also book a tour. If you just wanna see it from outside and take some pictures, go ahead, and then after you can take the free shuttle into Long Beach and explore. It runs every 15-30 minutes all day, so you’ll have lots of time to use without worrying too much about when the bus/shuttle leaves.

Without Car:

  • The abandoned old LA Zoo (if you dare)

            (16 min. by car)

  • Warner Brothers Studio

            (30 min. by car)

  • Broadway Theater District


If you dare to do it, pay the old LA zoo a visit. It’s abandoned and filled with a bunch of graffiti, but my friends have told me it’s quite interesting to see it all.

Next you should do the Warner Bros Studio Tour which is $65, but you get to see a lot, such as Harry Potter, and even parts from Pretty Little Liars, which is brand new in the tour!!

After the tour head Downtown with an Uber, and explore the Broadway Theater District. It’s not like in New York, but it’s still supposed to be cool. I myself have not yet been there, but my friends have.

 This was a little inside to what you can do in LA on a weekend. A lot of things are not tourist stuff, because I just don’t find that cool about LA. I didn’t put Walk of Fame on there because yes it’s cool, but it stinks and it’s disgusting walking around there, but if it’s on your bucket list 100% go ahead and explore it. Also a lot of people wanna see Downtown LA and thinks that’s where everything happens… nooooo! Downtown LA is honestly both disgusting and dangerous. You can go to Staples Center or The Theater District, but be careful where else you go there, and DO NOT go onto Skid Row, it’s not safe.

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