From Boston to NYC, Christy’s experience

Bye Boston, hello NYC !

Hi everybody,

My name is Christy, I come from Brazil and I now live in NYC. I arrived in America three months ago to live the great experience of being an au pair. At the beginning, it was not that easy because the first family I lived with was kind of horrible. I had to take care of 2 children but it was more like a taxi than an au pair and as I went to America to be “a part of a family”, I was really disappointed. The parents did not talk to me at all, only to know if everything was okay with the boys so they did not make me feel comfortable at all. I did not really know if the mom liked me or not because she was really weird with me.

First months in Boston

When I arrived, only the dad was there to pick me up at the airport… because the mom was having some drinks with a friend, great! Then the first few days, I was with the former au pair and she told me that they were kind of weird and distant but she did not care because it was her second year (well, first disappointment…). My room was downstairs and it was kind of a jail with a small bed, next to the laundry room. They haven’t prepared anything in my room: I had to clean everything. I felt like Cinderella and I haven’t started to work at that time. We went to the store together because some things were taken away at the airport and they made me pay for my own food. During the lunch, the host mom clearly told me “you have to eat what we make as dinner, if you don’t, go buy your own food.” I was shocked. I loved the two boys so much but I did not feel like to stay a year with them. I did not know what to do, as things got worse because I really felt lonely. I talked to a friend about rematch but I was not sure to do so because I was afraid I had to come back in my country.

And then...

I decided to ask for a rematch. I had to do so because they were messing with my au pair experience. When I told the mom that I asked for a rematch, she called the boys to let me tell them, at this moment, that I was about to leave in two weeks. How rude. I was sad because I wanted to tell the kids in another way. Then I went back into my room and she told me that it would be better if I could leave as soon as possible without waiting two weeks because she did not want me in her house. Luckily, a friend of mine was living not that far and I went there for two weeks. My agency did not help me a lot because I was an Educare and so they only found me one family. I found mine by contacting different people around.

Crazy New York City

Then I found a great family in the crazy NYC. My family has different apartments in NYC but they mainly live in the Upper East Side. You know those crazy stories like Gossip Girl: that’s how I feel. I truly feel like a princess because the whole house is a castle. We have a cook, a maid and even another babysitter. I truly like my family and the three kids I am taking care of. And I know they love me too. I do feel like a part of the family as we are doing pretty much everything together. I know this is just the beginning because I have been with this family for nearly a month, but they take care of me and I feel like I know them since forever. Both of the girls are funny and even though it is always more difficult with boy, I’m pretty sure we are going to get along together.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know letter how everything is going. I wish you all the best adventure ever and to be as lucky as I am. Word for families willing to have an au pair: welcome your au pair like your own daughter, and she will treat you and your kids with respect, as a daughter and sister does.


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