Alicia’s experience : being an au pair in America.

A great girl for a great experience

Hey guys, today Alicia from Germany is telling us about her experience as an au pair in the United States. I'm thrilled to sharing this great story with you.

So Alicia... who are you?

My name is Alicia Wiemann, I am 19 years old and I come from Germany. Since October 2015, I call Des Moines, Iowa, my second home. That's when I started to work as an Au Pair at the Farrell's house. I take care of 4 little kids of 1 to 7 years old. Actually the youngest one, Emmy was 1 month old when I started my adventure. But because it is against the rules to take care of a baby of that age, I had my host mom with me the first couple of weeks.

I have always wanted to live in America and being an Au Pair helped me to realize my dream. Of course, I had to like children and to be honest, I liked them, but it was not my main reason to apply for my year with Cultural Care Au Pair. But it didn't take long ‘till I fell in love with my little monsters.

Being a second mom

I have one week left now. I have spent a year and my 9-months extending with the same family, and it is almost over; I can't describe my feelings. I am sad and happy at the same time. Especially leaving Emmy, who became my own daughter. I was there, when she ate her first real food; I was there, when she got her first tooth; I was the one she said "mommy" to for the first time. It was all me... I know, that parents, who have an Au Pair for their children just don’t have enough time for them, but I would never want to miss those first things in my child´s life. But that's a huge difference between Germany and the United States. As a German mother you get to take 2 years off of work when you have a baby. Here it's like few weeks. I know I am going to miss Emmy the most, her little smile, the way she says my name every time she wants something (like every 2 minutes), her little tears, when she doesn't get candy before dinner.

Being a part of a new family

Of course I will miss her siblings Preston (7) and the twins Natalie and Isla (5) too. Probably the girls more, since they just went to preschool 4 days a week for 3 hours. And Preston was in Kindergarten and 1st grade all day long. So it was kind of hard to build a relationship with him, but we still had something together. We went to basketball games, we practiced baseball together and I went to his games with him. So even when we spent less time together, we had a lot of fun and I love him. The twins and I had luck and got to play or color all day long. Sounds boring, but actually we did other things too, like playing outside, watching movies, reading and I even taught them a little bit of German. The best thing about my twins is, that they couldn't be more different. Isla is a little princess. She loves everything girly, like Barbie and Hello Kitty, pink and purple, dresses and skirts.  She is amazing and she is my little angel. Natalie wears boy clothes, plays with superheroes as well as cars and doesn't like to wear pretty dresses or hair bows. They have grown so much in those 22 months and I can't believe that I just have 7 days left with them... I do NOT want to go. I love this family so much, even my host parents are amazing and so are all the others, who I got to know like the grandma or the aunts. They all see me as a part of the family and were always so nice to me. I am going to miss all of them so much. All of this – just everything!

Downsides : life is not always easy over there

But my time here was not always perfect. Kids can be stressful, they can freak you out and sometimes you just want to sit on your bed and cry...Well, sometimes they don´t listen at all, throw food or toys, hit each other or just scream so loud, you want to tape their mouth shut. Sometimes I think, that I am way underpaid for everything I do. Not just taking care of the kids, also cleaning 80% of the house counts to my duties. Especially 4 kids at once is sometimes a never-ending nightmare. They fight because of stupid things like who gets to go in the car first and who gets to get out first... I mean come on – as long as you get in or out at all.

Downside... and so what?

I am serious when I say, that the good moments make everything bad seem like nothing. The smile on a child's face while they cuddle with you after a long day, or the hug they give you, when you leave for a trip. I love it, when they tell me, that they love me and don't want me to go back to Germany.

I know it will be hard, to be back home without my monsters, but I also know, that I will be with them in their memory and heart, and so will they.

Alicia Wiemann from Germany.


Thanks for sharing your story Alicia.

Xoxo, Marlee ♥

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