What kind of kid are you taking care of?


Being an au pair can be rough sometimes....

For the girls like me that went through a rematch, you had time to discover how different kids can be, even though they are brother and sister. There are different habits and rules between families so kids can evaluate in different direction. My friends and I identified 5 types of kids we had, and have to face during our au pair year. Let’s see what kind of kid you are taking care of:

  • The princess or the king: a child-king

He or she is usually capricious when you say no to something. Because yes, she is a spoiled little brat and her parents never say no to her. Rich parents that don’t give any limits by saying always yes make spoiled kids. And this is true. She usually “gives an attitude” by being contemptuous and haughty. She probably does not want to do anything by herself and will ask you to do everything they want to. I hear you girl and this is my friends’ little girl. And this is a quote for her parents:

Children don’t need more things. The best toys a child can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with them. – Bruce Perry.

But these kids are lucky to have you in their lives because unlike their parents, you are going to treat them the way they deserve it: human being.

  • A tomboy

Well, for the ones who don’t know what a tomboy is, let me tell you: “girls who exhibits behaviors considered typically of a boy”. So one of my friend’s 12 years old is literally a tomboy – she does everything like a brother, dresses exactly like him, even talk like a boy. It was funny because the first day I met her I totally thought that she was a boy. When I arrived, she was playing fighting video games with her brother. She wore actually the same clothes as her brother so I thought they were twins. But when my friends told me her name… I got surprised a lot: a cute girly name. Who could know that?

  • Nervous kid

One of my kids used to act this way; he would easily get upset by a slight cause like loosing at a board game, or if his dinner was not good enough. Well, I can tell you that it might be difficult to handle this kind of situation. Once, he threw his iPad from upstairs because he was mad. Then he cried because his iPad was broken. It is contradictory, right? The only thing to do in this kind of situation is to find a way to calm him down. Mine was to tell him some jokes. He loves my jokes (even though they are not pretty good, he is only 7 you know).

  • Peaceful and happy one

You are a lucky au pair if you have a kid like that. They can be quite or energetic but they are always nice to you. I am pretty sure it depends on education, again. If parents raised this type of child, I think they should be as great as he is. A happy child, more than just being happy, will do what you ask him to do (sometimes it takes time, they are just kids). They will always be polite and smile and be happy to be with you. And if none of your child behaves this way, be this child, you know. Build your own peace and happiness.

  • Know-it-all

Oh my gosh, can you stop?” this is how I started most of my sentences with this kid. Yes, he knew better than me. Everything. This may sound terrible to consider a 6-years-old point of view but you can get really exhausted when his favorite activity is to tell you that you are something like… a poop. Literally. He will always know everything better than you like how to drive a car; seriously, dude? Once, he told me that I did not know how to drive. So I parked the car and told him to call his dad and explain him why he will be late at his activities… he did not say a word after that. Pretty rude, I know, but efficient. You should try… and stay calm.


How is your child? 

Xoxo, Marlee ♥.

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