What kind of au pair are you ? Let’s discover it together.

Being an au pair can be very overwhelming sometimes. Not everybody can be an au pair. You could be overtaken by the kids some days, or really happy, depending on your kids’ behavior. There are different kinds of au pair but you also can be a mix of it depending on your feelings. Let see what kind of au pair you are. Here are 4 types of au pair you can be or meet during your abroad experience:


The positive one

Well, everybody has a friend who is always happy. She is not worried about anything, maybe because her life is great and her kids are really nice, or just because she tries to focus on the positive side of her life. How can we recognize this kind of au pair? She is always positive when she talks about her life. When you ask her “hi girl, how was your day?” she will not answer, “oh my day was boring, and I had thousand of things to do”. No, she is not this kind of person. She would say “my day was awesome, I spend my day having fun with my babies”. She will always use words like “great, amazing or awesome” to describe her family and how she feels right now. Are you part of the positive au pair group?


The stressed and overbooked one

I can recognize myself in this category. Well, I have four kids to take care of, so my life is always a busy journey. I spend my days worrying about how much things I can do in only 8 hours a day. Take care of the laundry, driving the kids to their thousand activities, make dinner for everybody. This is not an easy part. You can recognize this type of au pair because she is constantly thinking about something else when you are with her like how to organize the schedule for the next week, even though it is Friday night. She may be all the time worrying about time. Sometimes, she can be so busy that she will not find a moment to see you. Be comprehensive, having this kind of life can be very exhausting.


The impatient one

One of my friends was this kind of au pair. She would get angry easily because her girl did not want to take a shower at the time she decided. I used to laugh a lot about it because I had four kids and the only thing I needed for this was actually patience. Well, if you are this kind of person, stay cool. Your little monsters are only kids, and so it can take time to them to get used to your habits. Don’t get mad if they don’t do things at the time you decided to. You may had been this kid when you were not. (even though I know we were all little angels when we were young, ahah).


The depressed one

Some girls do not really succeed at being an au pair and I do understand why: it may be hard sometimes to take care of kids, especially when they are mean to you or if you do miss your home country a lot. Some people cannot get used to this kind of life, far away from people they love. But if you are this kind of girl, please, stay positive. This can be only a stage of your au pair journey. Think about how lucky you are to be in a different country and about all the opportunities you get to live abroad: meeting new people, improving your English, becoming more independent. These are things you will get after a year in another country. It may not be easy, but the journey worth it.


What kind of au pair are you? Tell me more in comments!


  1. Anita says:

    What an amazing post. I think I am the stressed and overbooked one too. Kids can be very exhausting sometimes….

    1. admin8189 says:

      Thanks girl. I do understand what you are feeling! Hope your adventure is going well though. xoxo, Marlee.

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