5 things I should write on my resume

Do you need to write a resume?

I am pretty sure that a big part of your friends think that you’re enjoying your year abroad, playing with kids; that’s kind of vacation, right? Let me breathe a minute and tell you what: not at all.

As an au pair of four crazy kids, here is 5 things I should write on my resume, more accurate than simply « au pair job for a year »:


  1. Team management

Well, even if you may only have two kids, having their friends over can seem very overwhelming. You have to manage the activities, calm them down when they argue, stop them when they are getting crazy. You are actually like their boss: you have to tell them what to do and when they need to do it. Organize their schedule and things they need to take with them like sport equipment or snacks. Some days, you even have to decide which kid will have to take a shower first. Sometimes, you are on a tight schedule and you have to convince everybody to get ready at a certain time. It is like convince lazy employees to do their job. And you still don’t think that you are a team manager? Write it on your resume.


  1. Communication skill

Can you imagine that you are actually managing a team in English, your non-native language? Isn’t it an amazing skill? You have to make yourself understood all day long. At the groceries’ store, at school, with the kids, with your friends, host parents. Lots of people like me did not master English when they arrived. But I’m pretty that after few months, you do or will understand almost everything in English. So be proud of yourself.


  1. Persuasion skills and psychology

As an au pair, you may have to convince your toddler to eat his dinner with the blue fork even though the green one is his favorite. Did you say easy? You did not have my 4-years-old. You may have noticed that kid’s behavior in America or the country you live in for now is clearly different than your own country. Anyway, you will need some psychology tips to manage your kid’s behavior. You may try different techniques like saying “if you don’t, you’re dad will be mad” or “ I’m the adult here so you have to listen to mean” – No matter which technique you choose as long as it works right?


  1. Conflict solver

We talked about that earlier, yes, you are a conflict solver. Few years ago, you were the one arguing with your siblings and now you are the one that need to separate people. When your kids argue over what TV show they should watch – crying and yelling at each other – you are like “I don’t care about the show” but you have to find a way to solve this challenge. You may have some difficulties to do so the first times but then you will become the perfect conflict solver.


  1. Adaptability

Well, you are leaving far away from your family, friends, and country. You live with strangers who don’t speak you are language. So I’m pretty sure we can say that you are adaptable. You are mastering at a job, au pair, which you probably have not done before (because no, babysitting is not really the same, right?). You made new friends; you are enjoying new food, new landscapes, new people and rules. So who could be more adaptable than an au pair?

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