5 roles an aupair can have

A stranger

First when you arrive, your kids will probably consider you as a stranger. If they had an aupair before, they will probably compare. They will probably cry and miss the other one. And you will probably feel awkward at this time. But don’t worry about it. I’m pretty sure they will love you as soon as they know you better. The first days are really important because these are the days you can fix the limits. They will test you as soon as you arrive so you better get ready for that. Same thing for your new host parents.


A housekeeper

Prepare breakfast. Tidy up. Vacuum. Make the laundry. Prepare lunch. Reorganize the closet, the wardrobe, everything. Prepare dinner. Vacuum again. Yes someday, everybody is going to think that you are the housekeeper. Even you. But let’s be clear about that: you can do stuffs as you did when you lived with your parents, you can do things related to kids, but you are not the housekeeper. You are not paid for that. Not paid enough. At the beginning, don’t forget to set the rules.


An enemy

Some days, you’ll have to take tough decisions like either going to the swimming pool or heading to the groceries’ store. I know, it does not like that complicated but if you have more than one kid to take care of, it will be really hard. Depending on their education, some kids could be really mad at you for small things. They could cry if you turn off the TV at night, if you have to take their brother/sister to their activities, tell them to not eat this big ice cream before dinner. Depending on how you interact with your host parents, they can help you, or not, to manage this situation.


A sister

On some lucky days, your little ones are going to see you as a big sister. They will ask you some advices, share their stories with you. What an amazing thing to share these feelings. You will be so happy to have this kind of relationship with your kids. I am grateful that my 11 years old consider me as a sister or even a best friend. And the best thing about it? You could maybe forget that being an au pair was a job, first.


A second mom

This can sound weird but my little one started to call me mom, sometimes. I think it’s because her mom used to travel during the week and she saw me as the woman of the house. And clearly, we do the same job. We live with them, we tell them stories, and we are here for them when they are sick, when they are hungry, when they are afraid or cannot sleep. We even call them “our kids” when we are talking about them between au pairs.


What kind of relationship do you have with your little ones?


Xoxo, Marlee.

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